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The cherry tree

The reality of a dream to share.

Il Ciliegio Selvatico was born from the desire to  to share a place of peace and tranquility totally immersed in nature, in a silent valley.

We are at Alpe Esigo at 1150 m. above sea level, more precisely in the Antigorio valley, located a few km from Domodossola.

To reach us you have to take the road that leads to Alpe Devero and leaving the village of Baceno behind you, more precisely going up from the hamlet of Croveo up to the second Roman bridge where you can park your car and proceed with a walk of about 30 minutes along the path that enters the woods.

Arriving at the alp the landscape is from other times, the nuclei of typical huts scattered here and there are surrounded by expanses of well-kept green meadows and beech and larch woods that extend up to Alpe Bondolero and the slopes of the mountain Cistella and Mount Cervandone.

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